Truck Accident Lawyer Houston

Houston, TX Truck Accident lawyer houston commercial truck accidents are a safety and legal issue for residents and visitors alike Truckers are a growing motorist group using Texas’s highways, and commercial trucking accidents occur regularly in Houston. When a truck crash happens, serious injuries and fatalities are a common result.As with lawsuits for most car crashes, a large commercial vehicle accident may be handled by your truck crash lawyer with no need for a trial. That’s done by negotiating with defendants for a settlement out of court. Keep in mind that Jim Adler attorneys never will accept a settlement offer without your approval.Contact Our Dallas Truck Accident Attorneys Today. The Dallas truck accident attorneys at Tate Law Offices, P.C., have litigated against many of the national trucking companies such as Swift Transportation, JB Hunt, Knight Transportation and many others. We have also sued many regional truck companies for their negligent actions.One person has been killed, while 14 others were injured in a road traffic accident involving four military trucks and a.Do not give a statement to anyone except law enforcement before hiring a truck accident attorney. Do not sign any type of release from the trucking company or insurance adjustors before retaining a truck accident attorney. Insurance companies are not your friend and are not looking after your best interest.Houston Truck Accident Attorney. With so much commercial and business transportation running through the Houston area, it is not uncommon for our clients to be victims of 18-wheeler accidents. Unfortunately, these tend to cause serious injuries to the drivers involved (sometimes even death). Is the Trucking Company Responsible for the Accident?Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Call For a FREE Case Review: (877) 661-9900. Although they occur less often than car accidents, collisions involving 18-wheelers – also known as semi-trucks, big rigs, and tractor-trailers – and other large, freight-bearing commercial motor vehicles produce some of the most devastating results. Due to the sheer size and weight of these trucks, they are not able to maneuver and brake as quickly as the average passenger vehicle.when her vehicle was rear-ended by a New York City sanitation truck that was operated by Thomas Delgrosso. The impact caused.